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Laptop batteries last longer with the new Windows update

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Microsoft will soon release a 1909 update to Windows 10 (formerly codenamed 19H2), which beta testers may have already tried. In July, there was talk that the 1909 version would make a limited amount of progress, with new features not really coming in now, but rather a focus on performance.

Thanks to better system optimization, you can expect better uptime, longer lasts for laptops and two-in-one notebooks, they promise. In the field of desktops, some processors have also been able to lower their power consumption. However, it has not been specified yet what these particular processors are, nor what the increased uptime means.

The package will be available for users to download during the week. For computers running the May 10 edition of Windows, you will receive a small installer that can be confused in a few minutes through Windows Update. According to Windows Latest, it only took 12 minutes to download and install the package, just like an average monthly update. If you still have the October last package on your machine, then obviously it goes longer.

Followers of the news about Windows 10 are probably aware that the release of newer versions of the system has not gone smoothly in the past year, and that is why Microsoft has retarded its pace of development. At the moment, it looks like it will continue to have two gigantic updates a year on paper, but only spring will bring a lot of significant changes, while autumn will become a service pack that will be installed through Windows Update as well as standard security and cumulative updates.

If Microsoft manages to keep up this pace, by the first quarter of 2020, it will be able to reach the billionth Windows 10 device. Things have accelerated quite a bit compared to 800 million in March.

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