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Best Gaming Mice under 50$

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Best Gaming Mice under 50$

Have you seen a gamer in the electronic shop and being extra choosy when it comes to purchasing a mouse? Gamers are obsessed with gaming mice just like a passionate doctor obsesses over the stethoscope.

In order to be a competent gamer, one must have the best gaming mouse. As that specific mouse has greater sensitivity, more buttons, and comfortable gripping design than ordinary ones that translate to an edge over other gamers.

Top 5 gaming mice:

Making it simple for you to search the best gaming mice by listing top 5 gaming mice:

  1. V70 Wired Mechanical Mouse

Brand: MotoSpeed

Looking for a general type with all sorts of features in a single mouse, a V70 gaming mouse would be a desirable option.

The following features make it a qualified accessory.

  1. Highly sensitive

It can detect even the minute movements

  1. Efficiency

It can work effectively with less electric supply and voltage.

  1. Connection

Wire type connection is present.

mechanical mouse



  1. V100 Dual engine Mouse

Brand: MotoSpeed

If you want to get yourself a better performer and a durable partner, then MotoSpeed presents you V100 Dual engine designed mouse. It will prove to be an ergonomic device if you focus on its features mentioned below:

  • Base light

It uses Infrared light as bottom light control.

  • Refreshing rate

Unlike others, it has different refresh rates (1000 Hz, 500Hz or 125Hz).

  • Connection type

It also has a wired type of connection.

motospeed gaming mouse


  1. EM905 Pro Dual-mode mouse

Brand: Dareu

Are you irritated by the cables and wires getting tangled? Which just makes your mouse’s movement stiff, then add a wireless gaming mouse to your system.

A compatible controller like this one has multiple features such as:

  • 6 Function buttons
  • Optical sensor
  • DPI (sensitivity to detect movements) ranges from 600-6000DPI.

best gaming mice


  1. EM928 E-sport Wired mouse

Brand: Dareu

A stable and consistent clicker, E-sport gaming mouse lets you meet the requirements of your game.

  • Comfortable structure

Your wrist won’t hurt even by constant use because of its structure.

  • Highly sensitive

The range of DPI is from 100 to 16000.

  • Also has an optical sensor

gaming mouse


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  1. A918 E-sport wireless mouse

Brand: Dareu

A suitable and handy wireless game controller, E-sport provides endless and limitless actions by being free from all sorts of connections. Significant features are:

  • Low power consumption
  • Works on battery
  • 16000 DPI

wireless mouse


Now you have gotten your hands on the best gaming mouse!

Hoping this list will help you find yourself a good and appropriate accessory that will match your gaming energy.

Winning is the only option left if you are using the right and best gaming player.

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