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SONOFF Firmware is Compatible with Homekit

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In general, home automation is not as cheap or easy as most people would like. There are too many incompatible protocols, and most of the time, you have to reluctantly sign up for a cloud service that you didn’t request for everything to speak. If you are an Apple fan, you can pop even more tires. In order for your unsupported smart home devices to work with this ecosystem developed by Cupertino, you often need to use your own HomeKit bridge.

To keep things simple, Michele Gruppioni has developed the firmware for the ubiquitous Sonoff WIFI Smart Switch, which native HomeKit can talk to. You no longer use a Raspberry Pi to act as an intermediary between your faulty Apple hardware and the SonEx $ 4 lot on AliExpress. They can now communicate directly with each other.

With this MIT licensed firmware, not only can you communicate with Sonoff Basic, Sonoff Slampher, or Sonoff S26 with your Apple devices, but it also provides a web interface and REST API to maintain compatibility with all other functions of your automation automation configuration. home. Although more pedestrians in your system can turn on the porch light with their iPhones, you can still start it with a bash script as expected.

The SONOFF MINI WiFi Smart Switch is a small and smart DIY smart switch which is used for different types of switch boxes, even the smallest switch box according to EU standards. Convenient to automate your home appliances with the eWeLink app via your smartphone or tablet or your voice command. Support for connecting an external toggle switch that cannot be automatically returned to easily manage connected devices in your home, both on your phone and directly from the wall. It supports DIY mode, which allows users to integrate MINI into a third party open source smart home control system to realize LAN control without cloud services like Home Assistant, openHAB, ioBroker, etc.

Now, you can get kinds of SONOFF MINI smart switch on

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