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5 Best Wifi Smart Switch in 2020

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Are you looking for the best wifi switch? Do not worry anymore! As in this article, we have listed the 5 models that users choose and enjoy the most.

Before getting started, do this to create a list of the features you’re looking for in a wifi switch. Choosing which features best suit your needs from this list is much easier. Whatever your requirements, this list contains the Wifis switch that meets these requirements!

1. Shelly 2.5PM Wi-Fi Relay Switch
* Regulated articles: 2 circuits / electrical devices
* Shelly Dual Wi-Fi Relay is designed to be installed in a standard wall box behind light sockets and switches
* Microprocessor management
* Control usable through WLAN or mobile phone, PC, automation system or other device with support for http and / or udp protocol
* Controls: 2 relays; You can control the Shelly device using an external button / switch

2. Wireless Light Switch, LoraTap Mobile Light Switch
* Remote control and remote control with magnetic base: indoors up to 30-60m, outdoors up to 200m, ideal for turning hard-to-reach lamps on and off without damaging walls; Mountable and mobile, the base switch and switch are well combined by magnetic force, so the switch can not only be wall-mounted, but also can be removed from the base and used as a portable remote control
* LoraTap original patented technology
* LoraTap offers a 5 year warranty on all of our products and warm customer service for all of our customers.
* All LoraTap products are CE, ROHS certified
* Convenient for everyone: Simple control without applying the lamp, even for seniors, children and people with reduced mobility, you can use it directly
* If the switch was ON, return to ON; if it was OFF, go back OFF
* Memory and unique identification function: the relay receiver stores the last command of the remote control before the power supply is interrupted
* Each item has a unique identifier. You can use different kits in one room without signal interference. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, basements, garages, hallways, stairwells, and attic lighting.

3. Meross Italian Wifi Smart Socket Smart Plug
* TIMER FUNCTION: As it has the synchronization function, you can program the automatic power on and off of the devices and configure the timer routine for automatic power off
* 24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you have problems with the product, please email support @ meross
* REMOTE AND VOICE CONTROL APP: You can configure the devices anywhere through the Meross app. Meross Smart Plug works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. You can also control any output with voice commands
* MORE SECURITY: The Meross smart plug analyzes the energy consumption in real time and records the history of the connected device. You can safely check the status of connected devices from anywhere
* NOT HUB REQUIRED: simply connect the WiFi that was already in your home. Does not require a hub or other accessories.

4. Acemax Sonoff Smart WiFi 2 pieces wireless remote control switch
* Sonoff transfers data through a Wi-Fi router to a cloud platform, allowing you to remotely control connected devices through an app
* Works with Google Home Assistant by entering the following commands: OK, Google, ON / OFF (turns the device on / off)
* Compatible with iOS and Android
* Timing function: Another available function is to set the hours of the devices including countdown, scheduled start and stop
* It is simple and practical.
* Easy installation
* Hands-free voice control: compatible with Alexa Amazon, just say Echo (Alexa), turn on (turn on, device), Echo, turn off (turn off, device)
* Remote control
* Works with NEST, IFTTT
* And most of all, thanks to the integrated microcontroller, Acemax Sonoff records orders on the chipset, and setup continues to work even without a network
* Enjoy the pleasure of DIY. You can easily install this smart mini switch and it can be activated immediately
* Voice commands work when this switch is installed

5. Sonoff MINI- Smart Wireless WiFi Switch for Smart Home
* The router must use 2.4GHz frequency (5.0GHz WiFi is not supported), but there are no restrictions on the network used by smartphones (2G / 3G / 4G / WiFi are ok).
* Smart Scene: You can create smart scenes so that one SONOFF device can enable / disable another or combine multiple devices and use them together by pressing a single button
* Hands-free voice control: SONOFF MINI WiFi switch supports Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo / Echo Dot / Amazon Tap) and Google Home Assistant
* APP for remote control: With the eWeLink app, you can control all SONOFF devices anywhere with the touch of a button through an iOS and Android smartphone without distance restrictions
* Compatible with a rocker switch: turn on the light without opening the app: to go to the bathroom at night, just press the connected switch
* You can also monitor the status of devices in real time at any time
* Allows you to use your voice to easily control your home devices hands-free
* Turn off the device before installing it

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