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Buying advice for the best gaming mouse

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The mouse is simple software: level and click. That’s it. However, if you are a PC gamer, you will realize that moving digital paper to your desktop is not the same as breaking bots and capturing zombies.

Choosing the right gaming mouse is a very private decision. Every little bit can change your mind about it. Larger than any other device, a mouse is the most difficult to defend because there is no objectively good mouse.

See our gaming mouse suggestions below:



1. The largest versatile gaming mouse: Logitech G502 Hero
Logitech’s G502 review switches to the new Hero sensor, but retains everything else, for good reason. 4 years later, it is still one of the best gaming mice on the market.

Some iterations of the Logitech G502 mouse have been included in this folder as it was released in 2014 for the first time and for good reason. It also contains many buttons in reasonable places, with three thumb buttons, two additional buttons next to the usual left mouse button, and a tilt wheel. This wheel also switches between notched and clean navigation mode, while the bottom falls to accommodate 5 weights of 3.6 grams, although you may not want them as long as the G502 already weighs 121 grams.

2. The best Wi-Fi gaming mouse: Logitech Powerplay Wi-Fi charging system
The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the best mouse on the market. Logitech has managed to keep all the things people appreciate about the exclusive corded G502, but it has minimized cable and reduced stress. It is a small miracle of technology. However, let’s take the overview here so that completely different variants of the identical mouse are not recommended in this article. Besides Logitech Powerplay knowledge, I can only take care of the Lightspeed G502 anyway.

Powerplay offers the convenience of a wired mouse. This means you don’t need to search for a charging cable or plug in your mouse in one day during gaming. In no case should you take into account the range of your mouse. It just works regularly, as expected.

3. Razer Mamba Hyperflux and Firefly Hyperflux
It looks like science fiction: Razer’s new Mamba Hyperflux is a battery-free wifi mouse. Although it is current and really works, apart from a series of secondary cases.

If you’re a fan of Razer mice, the combination of Mamba Hyperflux and Firefly Hyperflux is also worth trying. Vanity is identical. It’s a Wi-Fi mouse that you don’t want to get mad at. However, the Razer implementation is much more futuristic: the Mamba Hyperflux is a battery-free Wi-Fi mouse.

Alternatively, the Mamba Hyperflux is immediately powered by the Firefly Hyperflux mouse pad. A condenser on the mouse saves about 20 seconds, enough to transport and modify the mouse, but not a battery in the typical sense.



4. Best Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 650
With the built-in quick charge and eye-catching look of the Rival 650, SteelSeries has finally produced its first must-have mouse.

The Logitech Powerplay and Hyperflux configurations are cool and futuristic, but also expensive and impractical.

If so, take a look at the SteelSeries Rival 650. It’s a beautiful mouse with responsive button locations, a range of weight adjustment options, and a flagship TrueMove3 sensor – the latest SteelSeries variant of the popular PWM3360.

Best of all: it’s about half the price of Powerplay and Hyperflux. The Rival 650 is the best bet for long-term Wi-Fi gaming.

5. The biggest gaming mouse on the go: Logitech G603
The Logitech Wi-Fi G603 mouse is like a complete street gaming setup. With over 500 hours of battery life on two AA batteries, it’s also a reliable travel companion.

The G603 mimics the shape of the G403 and G703, but manages to press two AA batteries under the one-piece removable cover, which also functions as the left and right mouse button. It’s a bit of a technology as long as it’s reliable in the long run.

6. The Biggest MMO Gaming Mouse: Roccat Tyon
Roccat Tyon wins the PCWorld 2015 award for most buttons. However, some items may require more precise adjustment.

With 12 buttons and an analog paddle, the Tyon is a beast. One of the many control buttons is definitely a change button that Roccat calls “the simple change experience”. If you use it successfully, the number of buttons at your disposal is doubled and it’s an intuitive method that balances questionable placement from what’s important to mouse thumb relaxation.

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