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Gravastar portable Bluetooth speaker: A sci-fi-inspired, refreshingly ‘out of this world’

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The Gravastar portable Bluetooth speaker, which Los Angeles-based developers Zoeao describe as “a cool and crazy speaker with the best sound,” impresses with its looks and sound quality.


Gravastar certainly makes a compelling visual statement. “Foreign” aesthetics don’t bother: In addition to the zoomorphic design and sci-fi shape, there are also extensive green LED accents decorating the body and illuminating the speaker. Clearly there will be people who will love the look of Gravastar, just as there will be people who would not normally have something like this at home.



Gravastar has a little * ahem * gravitas to itself, with a real weight when held in hand. It’s almost like a collectible science fiction model, something from an Alien, Predator, War of the Worlds, or Japanese animated comics, and creates a similar feeling of “commercial appeal.”


If you wish, you can mitigate the outraged aspects. The sharper “claw” element of all three legs can be folded in, meaning the space required for Gravastar is smaller and a little more stable overall. You can also turn most green lights on and off at the touch of a button on the back. In the “Minimum” position, only two small taillights and the tactile volume control remain on, passing over Gravastar’s head like a Mohican neon.


Gravastar’s development to date is a good indicator of the commitment, focus and very good intentions of its creators. Starting with the first design phases in November 2017 until pilot production in March 2019 and a pilot production phase in September 2018, Zoeao took the time to bring Gravastar to the market. He sent early production samples to audio experts and featured the speaker at design shows for professional comment, which in turn were used to further refine the product.



Members of the Zoeao design team had previously participated in the design and manufacture of “boring” Bluetooth speakers: Gravastar is almost the opposite reaction to the “same old, old” products developed at a particular price.


In terms of size, the device has a diameter of 140mm and an 80mm radiator, as well as a 70W 20W wideband speaker. The woofer is made of a polyphenylene compound with a metallic magnetic core which is said which better reproduces the deepest drums and the clearest voices. Gravastar is also not light, weighs 1.6 kg and fits well on the tripod legs. As hard as you convert the tunes, Gravastar will not go anywhere.


Overall, Gravastar is much more than just a pretty (unusual) face. It is a great speaker that offers on all fronts. Gravastar does a good job of exposing the limitations of low quality files while improving good quality conversion. Good music sounds good with Gravastar.


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