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Edifier is a well-known brand that I like and which has tested its products for several years. Edifier has a few real wireless headphones on the market that I need to test, but the only thing about the brand is that their products are consistent and solid, and their speakers should also be taken into consideration.



However, your new real wireless is a mixed bag, and it is not badly meant. I like the headphones which seem different from the trend, and I also like the trend, which are slightly fashionable and bigger, also have a bigger appearance and grip than some, which is good , like I said, I don’t care what the headphones or headphones look like when they play the sound, and when the look gets even better, I want to know what’s trending and what’s different when the people ask me when i’m on the go, what i just do tests.

When it comes to sounding good, they deliver a sound signature expected by the builder and these are loud with bass when it comes to the usual instead of talking about the attributes they delivered in all the domains, and again these are headphones. If you use them for Netflix and You Tube, etc, you can enjoy the experience with good directional volume and no delay latency. You can easily retrieve them and recommend them daily as they have a wider profile than the others, the same for music and phone calls where the two ends are clear.



They also have an ambient sound option which allows you to hear the ideal environment for walking, cycling, etc. After that, you can use the ANC mode, which you use indoors and immerse yourself in exceptional sound.

These are missing in some functions as far as commands are concerned, but you can forgive it, there is a button on each side, but you have limited commands here, but the push button is a good idea and still works perfectly. You can also use the Edifier Connect app to switch between canceling ambience and noise and play and pause tracks with a guide in the app, but that’s it. There is no way to change the volume of the headphones. However, this is often the case. However, you can play and stop skipping and reverse tracks and handle calls with the single button on the headphones.

Overall, the most important thing for me is how they sound and they once again delivered a good product with good build quality…

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