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Trend Micro Maximum Security – A Great Security Suite

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The best antivirus solution is as simple as possible. If a user cannot navigate the application to use the functions, much of the utility of the program is lost. Trend Micro’s ultimate security combines this principle with the simplest navigation we’ve ever seen.

The standard board is very simple. In the middle is a large scanning circle, the color of which changes depending on the state of the PC. Click the circle to start a quick scan, while clicking the down arrow to the right allows you to choose between quick, full and custom scans. Above this circle are the four basic security categories for the application: device, data protection, data and family.

The Device tab contains the Trend Micro web filtering and real-time scan settings. There is also a PC Status Check option to optimize system performance. When you use the feature, the app organizes your current level of optimization and lets you choose whether you want to make improvements. These optimizations range from repairing security vulnerabilities to recovering storage space.

Then in this section of the app, silent mode, which is a very nice version of the typical game mode functionality. By default, silent mode is activated when the PC enters full screen mode. However, this can be disabled if you prefer to activate it manually.

During execution, silent mode prevents “non-critical” notifications from interrupting you. You can also disable Windows Update and exit programs automatically. There is also a setting to disable mute after a certain interval.

Silent mode is ideal for gamers who want to stop their backup program or other applications while playing.

The “Confidentiality” tab contains functions that prevent confidential data from leaving your PC. However, some are less useful. The privacy scanner option is designed to automatically scan social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to optimize your privacy settings. You are also supposed to scan your web browsers to make sure they are as private as possible.

Trend Micro has also added a new feature called Pay Guard, which opens a secure sandbox browser in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but does not offer Edge support. You can see when Pay Guard is active at all times because the browser window has a solid border to indicate that it is a secure session. Trend Micro recommends using this feature only for online shopping and banking, not for regular browsing.

Finally, in Data Theft Prevention, you can use the Privacy tab to enter certain information, such as a credit card number, email address, or phone number, that you want to protect. If Trend Micro discovers that this information is being entered into a website, email, or instant message, you will be notified that the information is leaving your PC. Trend Micro says it doesn’t have to enter the full number, either. Only seven consecutive numbers are enough to control your credit card.

The Data tab is the core of Trend Micro’s security features. Folder Shield protects certain folders from ransomware and can specify as many folders as you like. Secure deletion removes sensitive data, while Password Manager is a browser-based password manager for storing passwords, completing forms, and secure notes.

On the Family tab, you can use Trend Micro’s parental controls for device restrictions, such as: B. to limit websites or computer time.

These are the main characteristics. Trend Micro also has a configuration area that you can access through the computer next to the large scan button on the main dash. Here you can configure the options to scan and check the status of the PC. There is also an exceptions list that prevents Trend Micro from monitoring certain files or folders, as well as options to list trusted websites and Wi-Fi networks.

In general, Trend Micro Maximum Security is good security software.

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