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Dareu EM901 – The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Gamers must be very familiar with the notion that wireless gaming mice are prone to having late responses when playing competitive games. That’s why pro esports players prefer wired gaming mice.

Even so, wireless gaming mice are still favored by those who play games with gaming laptops and like to play anywhere and anytime. Considering the size of the table in a cafe may not be large, a wireless gaming mouse is more practical.

Unfortunately, wireless gaming mice are actually more expensive than wired ones. This is due to technology that keeps latency low so that it is responsive even when used wirelessly.

The good news is that Dareu is now releasing a wireless gaming mouse with friendly prices. The Dareu product we are exploring right now is the Dareu EM901, which offers an alternative for gamers looking for a pocket-friendly wireless gaming mouse.

The Dareu EM901 wireless gaming mouse isn’t completely wireless with a 2.4GHz USB dongle. In the sales package, there is a connector cable that can be used at the same time to charge the battery. Here we find a little flaw.

The port on the mouse device is the USB-C type, but from the trial it turns out that only the Dareu EM901 cable can fully function to charge as well as connect. So make sure you don’t remove this cable.

Questioning the design, Dareu EM901 has an ordinary appearance. At the price offered, users should not expect a luxurious design but rather its essential function as a gaming mouse.

The grip, which has the forwad / back button, does not use special materials, only a textured surface with a triangular shape. All clickable buttons are customizable and support macro features. The customization process is done via a driver which can be downloaded on the official Dareu website.

In the middle there are sliding up and down buttons to adjust the DPI or response speed or the cursor. This is slightly unique because it is different from most gaming mice which only apply a small click button.

The DPI range of the Dareu EM901 wireless gaming mouse is from 600 to 6000. In the customization software, there are six DPI profiles that can be adjusted flexibly. Starting from here, the RGB effect war on the body is not only a decoration.

The RGB LED that surrounds the bottom edge of the Dareu EM901 is indeed a decoration that can customize the effects and colors. However, the RGB in the logo serves as an indicator of the active DPI profile. Although the position will be closed when used, but this makes it easier for novice users.

In the Dareu EM901 driver software, the speed and sensitivity can be customized as freely as possible. This is an added value for the Dareu EM901.

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