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The 5 Best RC Helicopters 2020

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The best RC helicopters provide a fun hobby for anyone who loves the idea of ​​flying but wants to keep their feet on the ground. There are different types of helicopters, from ultralight and fast models to wider options that look like military grade helicopters.

1. Best Overall: Blade 230 S
The Blade 230 S is a bit different because it appeals to everyone. With three different progressive flight modes, it is easy for beginners to choose advanced pilots and hone their flying skills.

Stability mode is designed for beginners and has automatic leveling and a lean angle limiter so you won’t crash or burn. The agility mode is intended for pilots who are not beginners but also advanced and gives you full control of the helicopter. Advanced users can enjoy the 3D mode where you can ride and do crazy maneuvers. In all three flight modes, you can use the panic button to line up and avoid collisions.

The Blade 230 S also has a composite frame that makes it more stable if you crash into it while learning commands. The tail and blades are made of the same material, so you don’t risk cracking them or breaking an integral part.

Overall, this RC helicopter manages to beat the competition due to its versatility. Whether you’re just starting out or have been flying for years, this helicopter is a great experience for the price. With a panic button, you have less to worry about accidents. If you lose control, the living body will be affected for longer and will continue to fly.

2. Best Value: Cheerwing S107
In many cases, RC helicopters come at a price that makes it difficult for those on a budget. The Cheerwing S107 breaks that mold and is a great, durable helicopter that won’t break the bank. Multiple accidents can happen with a metal frame, making it a great option for anyone considering the hobby.

The Cheerwing S107 is the perfect helicopter for beginners. Although this is primarily an indoor helicopter, you can still take it outdoors as long as you are flying on a clear, windless day. It’s also a lot of fun flying at night or at dusk with LED lights to help you keep track of things.

3. Best Ready to Fly: Blade E-flite mCX2
Ready to Fly RC Helicopters offers a unique feature for anyone who wants to gift one of these toys. No need to assemble parts or charge the device. These helicopters are ready for immediate use. While there are several ready-to-fly models on the market, the Blade E-flite mCX2 is the best due to its compact and versatile design, high speed, and ease of use.

The Blade E-Flite mCX2 has everything you need. This means the charger, the batteries in your controller, and of course the helicopter. This fast little model weighs just under an ounce and has settings that allow the user to move faster or slower depending on their abilities. Due to its low weight, it is recommended to use this helicopter indoors only.

4. Best Indoor: DEERC DE51 RC Helicopter
The DEERC DE51 RC helicopter is a small model that is perfect for indoor use and is as easy to use for beginners as it is for advanced users. This eye-catching little helicopter is easy to operate and has excellent controls, as well as high and low speeds and an altitude hold function so you can maintain an altitude while hovering. It also comes with two clams so you can switch between them.

The DEERC DE51 comes with two modular batteries, each lasting approximately 10 minutes and for a total of 20 minutes of flight time. Stable and interference-free function prevents signal interference when flying multiple helicopters at the same time.

5. Best Durable: Syma S109G
If you’ve ever wanted to fly an Apache helicopter, you’re in luck. The Syma S109G has the realistic paint and frame of an Apache and is designed for indoor use. The smooth and gentle controls make this a great helicopter for beginners, be it kids or adults. A durable frame also means it can easily take some nasty drops if you know how the controls work.

The Syma S109G is charged via a USB cable, while the remote uses 6 AA batteries. Charging takes a bit, usually around an hour, giving you about ten minutes of flight time. Most importantly, this helicopter is designed for indoor use only.

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