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Razer’s first gaming chair is the curved Secretlab Omega/Titan with lumbar support

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It seems that, for its first gaming chair, Razer decided to heavily copy one of today’s favorites – the new $ 499 Razer Iskur is a dead alarm clock for Secretlab Omega and Titan. at similar prices.

You can compare the design, the tilt mechanism, the stitching, heck, just look at the nearly identical 4D armrests below, and the inspiration is crisp and clear. Still, Razer specifically tells The Verge that it is not a collaboration with Secretlab and claims that the chair was “designed and developed in-house.” And Secretlab informs us that it does not share any manufacturing facilities with Razer or any other manufacturer, although Razer is not currently called out beyond this tweet.

Razer places Iskur in terms of column support clearly ahead of Secretlab, as you can see in this thinly veiled comparison image:

Aside from being a mix of the Secretlab Omega’s smaller bucket seat and the Titan’s taller, tighter frame, the biggest differences here are a more curved backrest and a large adjustable lumbar support.

Admittedly, the Omega’s removable pillow and Titan’s adjustable internal lumbar spine have not received rave reviews. We’re curious to see if Iskur’s lumbar pad protruding at an angle, which looks a bit like a snake’s belly, is better:

Still, many gamers trust Secretlabs back chairs, with or without a lumbar spine; mine was great for my back, but i sold them because of a pain in my butt. Omega and Titan also have something else to offer – you can easily buy one that is not so flashy and does not have a company’s brand tagline.

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