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John McAfee: It’s time for cryptocurrencies again

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Famous crypto expert John McAfee recently tweeted cryptocurrencies, and decentralized commerce will increase as the US government. USA Inject $2 trillion into the US economy. USA McAfee has described the $2 trillion economy as an unprecedented devaluation of the dollar.

The United States House of Representatives recently passed a bill to pay all American citizens and businesses to keep the economy going during the COVID-19 pandemic. By law, all American adults would receive $2,000 each, while children would receive $1,000. All American families will receive $3,000 each. The bill also stipulated that American companies with up to 500 employees would each earn at least $10 million.

In short, the United States economy will receive more than $2 trillion from the Federal Reserve. Financial experts say this money can have a negative impact on the economy by causing inflationary pressures. The United States, which is currently at a record level, is expected to depreciate.

The $2 billion crown relief law was signed on Friday by United States President Donald Trump, who gave the Federal Reserve the power to transfer money to legitimate recipients. The bill, which has been dubbed the stimulus package, would have received the most legislative support in the history of the United States.

McAfee Antivirus security analyst John McAfee said the massive influx of money into the economy would benefit cryptocurrencies. He noted that confidentiality currencies, stablecoins and decentralized exchanges would see an influx of transactions and that more investment would be spent on cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin prices recently increased with gold prices and equity futures when the Fed announced quantitative easing to support the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitcoin’s price rose almost instantly from $5,860 to $6,628, and gold also dropped from $1,494 to $1,524 in no time.

John McAfee also predicted that the price of the Monera cryptocurrency would also rise.

Cryptocurrencies are expected to rebound as new investors search for alternative investment platforms after losing confidence in basic investment portfolios like stocks and bonds. Some current price forecasts assume that the price of Bitcoin will be $22,000 by the end of this year and that high numbers will be available in the following years.

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