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The Best Earphone You Can Buy Online

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Good Earphone don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. While budget Earphone can’t compete with their more expensive counterparts in terms of clarity and functionality, there are many budget Earphone that outweigh their weight and offer excellent sound quality. These are the best Earphone we can offer.

EDIFIER H180 Classic Earphone
The Edifer H180 is the cheapest offering in the Edifier line of headphones and offers excellent sound quality for the price. Like the Sennheiser MX 170, it has a classic headphone-style design that fits like the dodo these days.

The H180 has an impedance of 32 ohms, which is a bit higher for conventional headphones. The sound quality offered is excellent with bright highs, expressive natural mids, and punchy lows that don’t warp at high volumes. However, some may find the design of the headphones a bit awkward, which means that long listening hours are shortened.

Sennheiser MX 170
The MX 170 is a simple headset from Sennheiser that offers a lot for your money. The highs on offer are clear and distinct, and the mids are expressive, but a bit deeper in the sound mix. The bass is firm and powerful and does not distort at high volume.

The MX 170 isn’t the most comfortable headset on the market, but the sound quality on offer more than makes up for the slight discomfort. They come with a standard 1.2m cable and a 3.5mm plug. You can get them both online and offline, although the price will vary a bit depending on where you buy them.

Soundmagic ES18S
SoundMagic ES18S offers clear, detailed and balanced sound. Considered one of the best entry-level headphones available by audiophiles around the world, they have a fairly neutral sound signature with expressive mids and crisp highs. Bass lovers, however, will ask for more and should look to the Sony EX150 or Xiaomi Mi headphones.

The headphones are supplied with a 1.2 m long cable, a gold-plated headphone jack and 10 mm neodymium speakers with a frequency range of 15-22,000 Hz and an impedance of 16 ohms.

Xiaomi Mi Earphones
With a three-button remote control with microphone, Kevlar fiber optic cable, good sound quality, and a right-angle headphone jack, the Xiaomi Mi headphones are almost perfect. At just 14 grams, the headphones weigh next to nothing and are very comfortable thanks to the ergonomically shaped housing.

The bass reproduction of the Mi headphones is restricted and does not dominate the sound signature. While the mids are slightly muffled, the highs are crisp and crisp, and the clarity offered is surprisingly good for the price. If a microphone is an important feature, the Mi headphones are a great option.

Panasonic ErgoFit
As its name suggests, the Panasonic ErgoFit is a very light and comfortable helmet that can be worn for hours without major discomfort. Also, they have a mostly flat sound signature that doesn’t lean towards any frequency.

The bass offered is powerful and the treble is clear too. However, there is a lack of clarity and the soundstage cuts out. Cable quality is also a bit disappointing.

Sony MDR EX-150
The Sony MDR EX-150 is a great choice for budget conscious bass enthusiasts. The bass offered is powerful and fortunately it does not completely dominate the rest of the frequencies. Even so, the mids are not as well represented as some of the other headphones on this list, and the clarity offered is somewhat lacking.

The headphones are quite light and comfortable and come in a variety of colors.

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