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Review of Avast Premier

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Avast is a suite of security suites developed by Avast Software, a Czech company that started in 1988. This very experienced company knows what it is doing in the world of cybersecurity, that’s for sure!

We noticed a feature: Sandbox: a tool that allows the user to run any file in a limited and controlled virtual environment. If the file is malicious, the device will not be damaged in this mode because it does not run on the device, but in this virtual mode. A very practical and innovative tool to reduce the probability of viruses entering your device. Avast! It also includes standard features like real-time scanning, quarantine, and even additional features like a password manager and a browser security tool. In other words, the software is packed with features.

Avast is a company with an excellent reputation and countless awards to back it up. However, the software is constantly evolving, so the rewards can quickly become obsolete and are no longer representative of the company’s current software. However, if the company has so many awards, expect it to always produce high-quality products. Viruses are constantly being modified to avoid AV. If they cannot keep up with the weather, serious threats can arise. We have run our own tests on some of the newest and most aggressive viruses. To be honest, the software is bug free and looks good too.

24/7 phone support is a great addition to their support, but they lack live chat, which sucks as it is a very convenient way to contact businesses in these days. However, their website is beautiful! Perhaps the best website of all the companies we have evaluated. Browsing a website easily is one of the most satisfying things. Trust us You can do it with Avast!

Avast offers an amazing free solution that millions of people use, but comparing a free version with a paid version doesn’t seem right. Of course Avast also offers a paid solution, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking at it right now. The Premier antivirus package costs $ 69.99 per device per year. Offering just one subscription protection device is pretty disappointing because the average citizen now has 2.5 devices with an internet connection! Most companies now allow at least 2 devices per subscription to serve the average consumer. However, Avast offers a free 30-day trial that allows you to test the software without obligation.

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