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What is a gamer chair good for and why should we buy one?

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First and foremost, we need to choose a chair that fits our height, and that is where we sit together and see if we can adjust its height so that our legs are completely upright. Of course, this is the only way to have a healthy day, but the best way to avoid thrombosis and prevent back and lower back pain is to spend two-thirds of your sitting time in this pose. At other times you can stretch, stretch, move around, but in addition, it is highly recommended that you take a 10-minute break every hour, stand up in front of the machine, take a walk, or even pause a little so that your body does not dull.

For example, it should not be up to us to keep a straight back, because it would wear out the spine, but rather the chair should keep it, and for that the entire working environment should be ergonomic, ie. In addition, it is advisable to place the monitor 60-80 cm away from our eyes, and (if the keyboard is high) the palm rest and mouse pad are highly recommended (most gamer mice and keyboards otherwise meet the requirements).

In conclusion, when it comes to a good chair, we have to dig into our pockets, and besides ergonomics, it is primarily the appearance of the furniture that is worth paying attention to. Office chairs can be made with low, medium, and high backs, but gamer chairs are always available with high backs to ensure the comfort and health of players, even when staying in front of the computer for hours. Of course, the look is part of the gaming experience, it adds to the player’s feel and fits in with the design of other sophisticated gamer tools. But that’s not all: every element of the gamer chair has a function, a separate headrest for customization, holes for ventilation, and longitudinal grooves for adjustable waist support.

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