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Is ESET the best antivirus software?

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ESET antivirus software barely slows system performance, but offers poor protection against malware and can be expensive if you have to protect many computers.

The traditional ESET malware scanner searches for known threats and heuristic monitors for strange behaviors, such as B. Unexpected file modifications. Any suspicious items are uploaded to the company’s online laboratory for further analysis.

ESET-specific protection mechanisms include blocking the unified extensible firmware interface of a PC, which regulates the boot sequence. ESET HIPS can block malware without a file.

Meanwhile, the Scan Scanner program of the program works with Microsoft’s anti-malware scanning interface to find hidden scripts. The protection level can be adjusted with a series of on and off switches for body defenses, such as memory and exploit exploit.

There is no quick scan option, but you can start a full scan with two clicks from the home screen. It is a very fast analysis because it only analyzes the running processes, memory and new files. You can right-click a file in Windows Explorer to scan it and ESET offers you to scan any connected USB drive.

If a malware failure occurs, download the ESET SysRescue Live hard drive, place it on a USB drive or DVD, and boot the computer from there to scan and clean the hard drives.

ESET antimalware technology, which is used in all Windows antivirus programs, does not work as well as other brands in laboratory tests.

For the past two years, ESET has ignored consumer antivirus tests conducted by the German AV-Test laboratory, but has participated in corporate tests. During the last wave of activity in 2019, things did not go well and only 97.5% of the previously invisible zero-day malware was intercepted.

This is a step back from the September to October cycle, in which ESET removed 99.1% of zero-day malware. Bitdefender and Kaspersky business products have consistently outperformed ESET.

We have already mentioned some of the protection features integrated in ESET NOD32 Antivirus, but the program also includes a social media scanner that searches for dangerous links on Twitter whenever you run the Chrome browser.

ESET Internet Security adds analysis of email attachments and parental control software can filter unwanted websites and schedule screen time.

ESET Internet Security and Smart Security Premium include Banking and Payment Protection, a browser extension that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, but not with Microsoft Edge.

ESET antivirus products for Windows are excellent for balancing scanning speed and performance, but their protection against malware is only average. You can find more security features, better protection and a light touch on the Bitdefender Windows product line. If you need the best absolute protection and all additional functions and you don’t have to worry about harder scans, contact Kaspersky Total Security or Norton 360 Deluxe.

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