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What kind of mobile game announcements are we expecting from BlizzCon?

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This year’s BlizzCon expo is coming soon, with Blizzard making big announcements for players every fall. This year will be no different, and although the team has been exclusively focused on PC gaming for years, nowadays, besides the console, mobiles are seen as equally important or even more important.

So anyone who doesn’t really understand why we’re writing about this probably doesn’t remember how much drama Blizzard had with Diablo Immortal last year, a revelation that surprised the whole world, only the PC camp was dissatisfied, as they were expecting Diablo IV. What do we expect from Blizzard this year?

For a year, Blizzard has been virtually hesitant about Diablo Immortal – not surprisingly given their pace of work, as there are projects they often sit on for years. Hopefully Diablo Immortal will not be like this, so we sincerely hope to get an accurate release date for the event, or to launch the servers right away so everyone can enjoy the mobile Diablo experience.

From a mobile gaming standpoint, Blizzard’s most important creation right now is Hearthstone. Millions play the creature inspired by the universe of World of Warcraft every day on this platform, and its popularity is not dwindling at all, and we are now bound to get a lot of extras next year. Accordingly, with the many seasonal events and more, of course, we are expecting more additions to the game, which we will certainly get to know soon.

While there are no rumors about exactly what mobile projects are being done alongside Diablo Immortal, we sincerely hope we see something soon. Obviously, we don’t expect Overwatch to come to the platform – though that would be a big deal – but rather things that would revolutionize the mobile market, such as Call of Duty Mobile this year.

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