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What’s new in Kaspersky Antivirus?

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus has long been a leading security product, so it is probably not surprising that there are no major changes in the 2020 version. However, on the “What’s New” page, we discover some small but useful additions.

For example, Kaspersky product services now communicate through HTTPS. Good news, even if we are surprised that the company has not yet done so.

The application monitors password security when you sign up for new websites and alert you to problems.

The smartest manipulation includes the ability to restart the basic Windows filtering engine when it stops.

Practical improvements in use include the ability to demote Kaspersky Free when the paid version expires, although it does not appear to be available in all regions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus has a simple interface that shows your current protection status and four main buttons to perform important tasks: start analysis, update the database, view reports or open an on-screen keyboard.

The scan window allows you to perform quick or complete system scans, as well as verify your external drives or the files and folders you have specified. All these features require more navigation than some packages. For example, three clicks from the console are required to start a quick scan. However, using the system is not difficult and it is good to have these options available.

Scan speeds are slightly higher than average. However, if you want them to be faster, by enabling an option to scan only new or modified files, you have reduced our test scan times from 17 minutes to 24 seconds.

With a simple programmer, you can automatically run any type of analysis every day, days of the week, weekends, weeks or months. With reasonable configuration options, scanning can be performed again the next day if the computer is turned off during operation. You can minimize the impact on performance by running scans only when your computer is locked or your screen saver is running.

Experts will appreciate the control Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides over each type of scan, including the areas of your system that you scan, the type of file you scan, the detection engines you can use, and the threats it detects happen.

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