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Why is Bitdefender the best antivirus?

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With the emergence of more hacks, malware and viruses than ever, the online security of their technical devices remains critical. That is why downloading and installing the best antivirus software is still so important today.

According to our security software tests, Bitdefender is currently the best antivirus in the world. In addition, the provider currently has a huge 60% reduction in its general security plan. With the package, you can not only protect up to five devices, but also fully protect Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Why is Bitdefender the best antivirus?
There are a number of reasons why we value and continue to value Bitdefender so high that all are equally important to the customer. Not only does it cover all your antivirus requirements and hijack all possible threats, but it is also extremely easy to use and simple. These are our five main reasons why we consider this antivirus software simple and better.

Protect all systems: if you are concerned that your device cannot be defended, Bitdefenders Total Security 2020 covers Android, Mac and iOS systems.

Security: In our rigorous tests, we found that Bitdefender is one of the most impressive pure software blocking services. So you can rest easy after installation.

Anonymity: All antivirus software is designed to ensure you remain anonymous online, and also offers benefits for file encryption, firewall and antispam.

Affordable: Despite its high position in our best antivirus countdown, Bitdefender still has extremely competitive prices compared to other antivirus software.

No commitment is required: Bitdefender states that all antivirus software conserves its battery and the speed of its devices so that they run smoothly. We have discovered that, unlike other antivirus programs, this does not significantly affect the speed or life of your system’s battery.

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