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LifeSmart Quantum Light – 16 Million Colors

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In recent years, as network technology has evolved and the IoT concept has become increasingly “internal,” many smart home products have appeared, among which the Light effect is the most popular. BZfuture recently launched the new LifeSmart Smart Quantum Light, which not only has a special design, but can also be used to change the lighting effect at will and change the atmosphere of the house at any time.

Special hexagonal seams can change color at will
General smart lighting is traditional in design, not very special; The quantum light is very different, it uses a unique hexagonal design, each quantum light weighs only 52.5g and can only be freely combined via the connected connection. The loop can be easily connected to multiple quantum lights, making it convenient for users to set the patterns in their minds. Additionally, each quantum light is equipped with 9 predefined dynamic color effects, such as rainbow, aurora, peach blossom, and other respiratory light effects. Users can also customize the effect of the respiratory light, the speed and direction of the color change and allow them to define more than ten million types of color change for different scenes to achieve a change of atmosphere. Whether at a party or under normal circumstances, it can create a great atmosphere and provide a more pleasant environment.



Brightness is enough! Placed on the table or hanging on the wall
I think many users will be worried about insufficient brightness of smart light effect. However, if you are using LifeSmart Quantum Light, you don’t have to worry because each Quantum Light can deliver 5W brightness and you just need to connect. The smart controller can be powered via USB. In addition, the installation is also very flexible. The user can install the quantum light on the included base for easy placement on the table. Also, 10 or fewer quantum lights can be installed with Blu-Tack on the wall decoration so users can easily install them. It is installed as a wall light on the wall and it is easy to design a smart home with personal style.

Easy installation with APP + timed lighting effects according to the rhythm of the sound
Adjusting LifeSmart Quantum Light is also very simple. Just use Quantum Light with the smart controller. Download the Quantum app from the App Store or Play Store. You can connect Quantum Light to the router with a wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n signal, users can also use the app to remotely control the light effect of quantum lights anytime, anywhere. In addition, users can also use the Quantum app to plan and configure Quantum Light smart switches collaboratively or during work hours, saving electricity and energy waste as they forget to turn off the light. It should be noted that users can play music through quantum light as long as the Quantum app and quantum light are connected to the same Wi-Fi network at the same time, and the light effect can also keep up with the light, which is very special.



The new intelligent hexagonal spliced ​​quantum light designed by LifeSmart:
* Flexible hexagonal seams
* 16 million light colors breath
* Planning for remote control of the Quantum application
* Lighting effects keep the beat of the sound and create a moving atmosphere.
* Lightweight design can be mounted on the wall / placed on the table

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