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Norton Security – Standard & Deluxe & Premium

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Norton Security has been replaced by Norton 360. For more information on the differences between old and new products, compare Norton 360 with Norton Security.

For more information on the differences between Norton Security editions, continue reading this page.

Since the release of the first version of Norton Security in September 2014, questions like “What’s better, Norton Security Deluxe vs. Norton Security Premium?” or “What is the best option for me: Norton Security Standard or Norton Security Deluxe or Norton Security Premium?”

As new versions of Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium became available, these questions were asked over and over again, and users and potential buyers searched for product comparisons and The benefits of Norton Security Premium over them. Download Norton Security Deluxe or Norton Security Standard.

Here’s how we can rank Norton Security-related products when we compare them:

Norton Security Standard provides protection for a single device. It is a good choice for users who need protection for PC or Mac. Norton Security is licensed for one device.

Norton Security Deluxe provides protection for PCs and Macs to provide security protection for Windows and OS X computers. It also includes the Norton Mobile Security product, which covers Android and iOS based tablets and smartphones. This versatility makes Norton Security an excellent choice when you have multiple products. No backup and restore or online storage space is provided. The Norton Security Deluxe license is for up to 5 devices.

Norton Security Premium includes everything Norton Security has to offer. It also includes PC backup and restore features that come with the 25GB standard of secure online storage provided by NortonLifeLock. The Norton Security Premium license is suitable for up to 10 devices of your choice.

When you compare Norton Security and consider the value of dollars versus dollars, you should start with the type of devices you want to protect and the number of devices. If you need protection for up to 5 devices, and PC backup and restore and online storage aren’t important to you, you’re probably in the Norton Security area. In your Norton Security comparison, determine if you need to cover more than 5 devices. If you do, Norton Security Premium is the best option to compare Norton Security editions, as it covers up to 10 devices.

You will discover that Norton Security Premium is the best option for you if you need backup and restore services for your PCs. If you need online storage, Norton Security Premium is even better for you because it offers 25 GB of online storage. In short, Norton Security Premium stands out with an additional $ 20, PC backup and recovery, and 25GB of online storage from Norton Security Deluxe.

The coupons we provide for Norton Security and other products are generally only valid in certain regions. They are listed on our Norton coupons page. Immediate discounts are also available in different regions, if available. They can be applied to Norton Security Deluxe Edition or Norton Security Premium. It is good to know, because for many, the price is an important factor in the purchase decision. So, be sure to keep coupons in mind when running Norton Security Price Comparison to get a good idea of ​​what you can save.

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