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An Official MapleStory Gaming Chair – You will love such a game chair

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Everyone deserves an elegant gaming chair. This includes 17-year-old Korean side-scrolling 2D MMO players. Nexon America has partnered with gaming chair maker DXRacer to create this charming $ 380 pink, purple, and white chair based on Pink Bean from MapleStory.

Do you think that all gaming chair pink seem to come off the same assembly line? The MapleStory chair has a face. Most other gaming chairs are faceless.

Does it matter if it has a face when it is covered by the actor’s body? I did not think. Let’s look at the back.

It’s still pretty chic. The logo is perfect for people to know that you play MapleStory or that you are Canadian. Plus, the white on the back stays sharp long after the front is covered in questionable spots.

The MapleStory DXRacer Collaborative Chair is a limited edition that can be pre-ordered now for $ 380. It may seem like a lot of money, but MapleStory is free, so players should have some extra cash out there.

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