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How to keep a healthy spine while gaming

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Sitting in front of your PC all day can have a rather negative impact on your spine. Here are some tips to ease the tension on your back.

On the chair’s seat, slide completely backwards and support the top of our pelvis, that is, our waist on the underside of the chair support.

The chair’s seating surface should not be longer than our thighs, so that the front of the chair’s seating surface does not press on our knee bends (so that it does not make it harder for the blood vessels running in the knee bend). The height of the chair should be the length of the leg so that the sole is comfortable to rest on the ground.

The worst is when we do not slip backwards, but sit only at the front of the chair, with our waist hanging in the air, with only the middle of our back resting on the back of the chair.

Here’s how you can best spare your backs. Slide in the chair back fully so that your waist is leaning against the underside of the chair. The chair’s seat does not impede circulation in the knee bend, and the feet rest comfortably on the floor. The height of the desk is appropriate if the computer keyboard on the desk is approx. We can handle it with a 90-degree elbow and support our wrist. The screen is placed on the desktop so that the keyboard and the alternate screen monitor do not overload the neck with unnecessarily large movements.

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