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ROCCAT showcases new Vulcan mechanical keyboard, using Titan Switch and AIMO lighting

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ROCCAT, one of the leading providers of PC peripherals and a strong advocate of e-sport for many years, has introduced a new keyboard in its range. The Vulcan mechanical keyboard has a self-developed Titan Switch Touch, which in its opinion offers the fastest and most responsive keyboard in the ROCCAT product range. The Vulcan is sold in three versions: Vulcan 120 AIMO, Vulcan 100 AIMO and Vulcan 80, each with different functions.



All three keyboards are full-size, but the Vulcan 120 appears to be the only one with a palm rest and is magnetically connected. The 120 and 100 have RGB lighting per key, as well as full multimedia keys and volume control. The Vulcan 80 has limited blue LED button illumination and multimedia buttons are missing.

The Titan Switch designed and developed by you has a transparent housing for the “AIMO” RGB lighting ecosystem and allows you to see the devices calmly and well. According to ROCCAT, thanks to their internal development, they were able to optimize the performance according to the needs and the “anti-bounce” of the switch, which reduces mechanical noise during operation thanks to its “high-quality materials and components”. This should allow the keys to be recognized and 20% faster than competitive keyboards. The keys have a 3.6mm travel distance with a 1.8mm actuation point, similar to Cherry MX mechanical switches in brown.



The top plate of the keyboard is made of reinforced anodized aluminum, which is supposed to strengthen the structure of the Vulcan. ROCCAT says it “strengthens structural integrity and protects it from wear.” The keys are a typical distance as we see them on a full-size keyboard. They have been shortened for cleaning purposes and show the underlying hardware and RGB lighting.

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