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Sonoff Launched SNZB Zigbee Sensors and Switches

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ITEAD had started rolling out products like Sonoff ZBBridge WiFi to Zigbee Gateway and a Tig-based Zigbee USB dongle CC2531 pre-installed with Zigbee2MQTT compatible firmware in recent months, from Sonoff compatible WiFi and RF433 home automation devices to ZigBee smart home solutions.

Until now, however, they only had one ZigBee node, namely the Sonoff BASICZBR3 ZigBee power switch. With the introduction of four Sonoff SNZB ZigBee sensors and switches that work with the company’s ZBBridge, other options are now available.

Key features of the four new ZigBee sensors and switches:
1. SNZB-01 ZigBee Wireless Switch
* Touch button with single, double and long pressure support
* Battery – 3 V (CR2450)
* Dimension – 43x43x16mm
2. Temperature and humidity sensor SNZB-02 ZigBee
* Unnamed humidity and temperature sensor
* Battery – 3 V (CR2450)
* Dimension – 43x43x14mm
3. SNZB-03 ZigBee motion sensor
* Integrated PIR sensor with a 6m range and 110 ° viewing angle.
* Battery – 3 V (CR2450)
* Dimensions – 35x39x28 mm
4. ZigBee SNZB-04 radio door / window sensor
* Magnet + sensor
* Battery – 3 V (CR2450)
* Magnet – 32 × 15.6 x 13 mm
* Sensor – 47 x 27 x 13.5 mm



All four devices are powered by a CR2450 button cell. You will be notified as soon as the battery level in the mobile app drops below 10%. The regular eWelink app for Android or iOS, which also supports integration with IFTTT. If you prefer open source firmware, it may take longer or never happen, as we reported on Zigbee’s open source firmware, but most of the work is based on TI CC25xx chips, and Sonoff Zigbee sensors are probably all Silicon based. Labs EFM32 ZigBee MCU as it is for your ZBBrigde gateway.

ITEAD Studio now offers a useful ZigBee ecosystem with a WiFi gateway to ZigBee, a power switch, a power outlet, and battery powered sensors that you can use to control your devices or send alerts based on readings. temperature and humidity, if movement is detected or if a window / door is opened / closed. With the ZigBee switch, the user can control the device with the push of a button without having to start the mobile app.

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