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The most fabulous gaming chair ever created

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This gaming chair will fly off the shelves. DXRacer has designed a version of its pink cat chair with huge machined angel wings that protrude from behind. I can’t wait to get one.



The DXRacer chair is logistically horrible for our office and potentially dangerous for fires. The focus is on the new DXRacer pink cat design with a huge cat face for the headrest. Unfortunately, the company reports that this design is currently, and unsurprisingly, out of print. Stocks will return at some point and will be considered pre-orders to measure interest. I suspect there are quite a few.

The chair itself will cost you $ 399, but unfortunately you will have to modify the mechanized wings yourself. The wings were changed from the company’s Chinese headquarters to the chair to encourage takeoff. We can’t see behind the curtains, which makes it work, but it looks like they did a good job.

DXRacer currently offers two other pink gaming chairs, the DXRacer Racing Pink and the DXRacer Formula. If you like this brand of gaming chair, you can buy it online.



By the way, I want to recommend you the best girl gaming chair – AutoFull bunny gaming chair. Buying the chair will give you extra rabbit ears and rabbit tails. These decorations will make your chair look more cute. I believe that no girl dislikes this pink game chair.

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